Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dollhouse Canceled?

After watching a really great new episode of Dollhouse, what do I find sitting down to the computer afterwords? This article on Newsarama:

What the Heck is this?

Are the networks really this stupid? Not only are ratings apparently bad - but they sound like they want to pull another Firefly and not show all of the first season episodes.

First off - where the hell do they get off treating viewers like this? I loved Firefly, but I understood why it failed. Fox didn't want to support it, aired it out of order, and, no real surprise - it failed. I understand - Fox was stupid because they can't fathom horses being onPrimetime TV. It's a stupid reason - but I understood it. I didn't like it - but I understood it.

Now, instead of horses, Joss Whedon gives the network a truck load of exactly what networks are looking for - sex, action, drama, humor and more sex!

They say it might be because ratings aren't great. You know - I can even understand that.
What I CAN'T understand is not giving the show a chance. Not even trying to retool it, or add some new element, for a second season.

That, I just can't tolerate. It's asinine for them to even consider pulling the plug this early. Not only did they screw with all the Firefly fans - but then to do it again? THAT - that is just unacceptable. That's simply Fox giving a huge middle finger to every viewer who decided to tune in, and even commit to the series. I was fully expecting, nay - looking forward to - the promised 5-season run Joss Whedon was selling. It sounded great - he not only had a plan, a plot for 5 years worth of stories, but I thought he had the kind of support from the Network to actually make it happen.

I'm not going to be trite enough to say I'm never going to watch FOX again. But, really, I only watch 3 shows on their network: 24, Terminator, and Dollhouse. Terminator has been average - at best. 24 can't last forever. But Dollhouse? Dollhouse has been spectacularly fun! If they can't give it a chance - if they can't even stomach the integrity to support a struggling quality show - then, really, why should I come back anytime soon?

Phew... OK. Rant over. Sorry for staying off topic - but this just gets me mad.

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