Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dollhouse Not Canceled?

I am very confused. Here's a link to a message about the possibility of Dollhouse's

That message, still doesn't fill me with hope. Here are some excerpts.

1.) Apparently all Joss Whedon Fans are "devoted (and quick-to-panic)"
I'll grant you that's true, I was pretty quick to post my tirade in the previous post. But it still sounds pretty disrespectful to the fans who actually care about the show.

2.) Apparently this is a rumor because one episode of Dollhouse isn't going to be aired. Wait - how the heck is that suppose to ease my fears? It doesn't. That sounds like Fox is cutting their losses early and getting out.

3.) This article then says "The series finale of "Prison Break" will air that night, a two-hour episode that will, if we're all being perfectly honest, almost certainly draw a bigger audience than a hypothetical "Dollhouse" episode would have."

Yes - let's indeed be "honest" and tell the writer of this artical "Daniel Fienberg" to not be such a condescending jerk.

4.) The article goes on to say "The source tells me "Dollhouse" has not been cancelled. Granted, what else would they tell me, but still..."

Then why should we even trust you?

5.) Then he ends with "Will "Dollhouse" eventually be cancelled? I can't tell you that today. I can tell you to look at the show's ratings. If you just look at overnight and Fast National figures, that will probably tell you that hopes are bleak for a second "Dollhouse" season."

Well, shucks - the way he says it, there's plump nothing to worry about one bit!

...... Arrrrggggg ..... the swears words I'm resisting typing are too numerous....

Suffice to say - rumor not - this guy not only sounded like a condescending prick, but he's now given me even more worry that Dollhouse will indeed be canceled.

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