Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dragon Quest

Here are some Dragon Quest Images.

Dragon Quest III
- The first DQ game where you can choose which class of characters you can use, from Knight, Wizard, Thief, even to Jester.
- It was released on the NES, but your best bet, if you want to find it, is the Gameboy Color edition. It has better graphics than the original and can be played on a Gameboy Advanced system.

Dragon Quest IV
- This is the game where you follow 5 separate stories that eventually tie into one grand adventure.
- It was released in America on the NES, but the better choice is getting it on the Nintendo DS. You can probably buy it for $30 at places like Target or Walmart.

Dragon Quest VI
- I haven't played Dragon Quest 6 yet, so I can't comment really. But look how cool the character designs of Akira Toriyama are! Ooooh, I can't wait!
- You can likely pick this title up when it releases next year for the Nintendo DS.

Dragon Quest VII
- This, right here, is the largest Dragon Quest game EVER! In fact, it's so large that it's actually one of it's flaws. You follow these characters as they travel into the past, repairing events and adding more and more locations to the map. I played for a good long time, and after so long away from it I fear I could never catch myself back up.
- You might be able to find this game on ebay. It didn't seem like a big hit at the time, seeing as it was coming out after Final Fantasy 7 showed us what the PS1 really could do. So it's graphics didn't impress at the time. Though large - each story the characters follow are fun and interesting.
I really hope Square-Enix considers releasing this game on the Nintedo DS as well. (It's what inspired the graphics of all the remakes on the DS) But, if they do, they should toss along a guide to help you through it ^_^

Dragon Quest VIII
- This game here, for the Playstation 2, showed America how good Dragon Quest use to be. Combining traditional gameplay with gorgeous Cell Shaded Graphics - this game elevated Dragon Quest back into the limelight. Not only was the story fascinating - but it's cast of characters where so well developed that Square-Enix even made figures based after them.
This game also had some great features - as it returned Dragon Quest to it's original name with "Quest" in the title, instead of "Dragon Warrior". It also featured music played by the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra. Americans also got something the Japanese didn't receive: that of voice acting. Superb and talented casting choices, with authentic british accents, really elevated the entire game.
- You can probably still buy this for $20. If you think you might want to try Dragon Quest, but think the older style graphics won't work for you, then this is your ticket.

Dragon Quest Joker
- Here's an interesting game - featuring stellar graphics for the Nintendo DS - this game can be viewed as somewhat of a prelude to the kind of quality we should expect from Dragon Quest 9 on the DS. Very similar to Pokemon, this game however proves it's self much richer than Pokemon ever was. Building a team of Akira Toriyama designed monsters is very fun, and you can even level up your monster with a breeding system. If, for example, you have a Cure Slime with Cure Spells - then you can mate that monster with a combat based monster to create a creature with fighting and curing capabilities. The game is immense fun.
- You can probably still find this game. Probably at a reduced price since it came out a while ago.

Dragon Quest: Rocket Slime
- This is a Legend of Zelda style game, where you take on the journey of DQ's most beloved mascot - a Slime. This heroic slime is helping to save his slime village, and you go on a journey, bouncing yourself around to stop enemies. Yes - it is indeed as cute as it sounds. The more of the game you play the more Slime villagers you free - and your little village begins to grow back with bouncing happy little Slimes. In addition to Link style exploring - levels end when you take control of a mighty Slime Tank! You have to bombard your enemies with all sorts of ammo. It's a very random process, but it's quick paced and fun.
- You can probably buy this for much cheaper than it use to cost. I saw it in a bargain bin at Walmart. A little different than other DQ games, but still a cool game.

Dragon Quest Swords
- This is a FANTASTIC game. It's like a rail shooter, but you use the Wii remote like a sword, dispatching enemies with your own hands. Well, with your own wii-remote at least
The game is rich with amazing graphics. There are a fair amount of levels, each of which can be played through again to either find more items, take a different path, or just to build up experience. It's very fun as you become better, learning enemy attack patterns. For instance, bats will typically get in rows which you have to slash to try and hit all of them. Other enemies you have to deflect arrows or fire balls, and much much more.
- This item is probably still on store shelves. It's a great alternative to all of the countless mini-game compilations gorging on the Wii these days.

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