Monday, April 13, 2009


I use to read a lot of comic strips online. Peanuts, Dilbert, Get Fuzzy, Jump Start, Mutts, Garfield, Haggar the Horrible, and others. Most strips are put online for free. I eventually stopped reading them, except for one: Monty.

Monty is a superb comic strip that I have continually followed each day, even after dropping all other comic strips. It's one of the funniest and consistently inspired strips out there.

The strip follows the adventures of uber-nerd Monty. He has an assorted cast of character. Moondog, slacker best friend, Moondog's talking parrot Pilsner, Monty's hairless cat Fleshy, a character called "Doc" from the future, and Doc's small robot clone.

The cast of characters has changed over the years. His most notable partner was his first - that of Robotman. Remember Robotman? I remember having a VHS tape of this cartoon about Robotman who sang music. I will always remember how disappointed I was that there seemed to be only two episodes from this series, on that single tape, and that it ended on a cliffhanger! Color me surprised many years later to find Robotman a much more average robot, hanging out with his friend Monty. In fact the strip use to be called Robotman, but they where asked to stop using him, so Monty took over.

The strip is done by Jim Meddick, who is one of those rare comic strip cartoonists who is constantly good. (For more-often that not, not good, see Garfield) That's very hard to do - as you have to have funny strips every day of the year. As good as Peanuts was, there where definitely off days.

Also, what is really special about Monty, is how geek-relatable he is. He's not good with the ladies. He's not good at his job. But he has wacky adventures like trying to save Abe Lincoln from being assassinated (and then having him choke on a Juu Juu Bean).

Also - Monty is an often evolving comic strip. It's not the same set of characters from just a year ago. Some character stick around, leave, and sometimes come back. Right now they have a really good thing going with "Doc" from the future. I hope he sticks around.

Anyway - check the strip out. Here's the address

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