Thursday, May 28, 2009

80s Cartoon Openings

Here are the openings to some shows I use to watch back when I was a kid. The 80s really delivered some of the best cartoons.

I remember this show mainly because I had some of the figures. The opening is really fantastic, even if it features a cyborg flying cowboy.

I absolutely loved the toys of this show. I remember wanting so bad to get all the figures from the show, but the toys where off the shelves by that point, and I was forced to settle for pencil holder figures made of rubber.

You can see the opening here: Centurions Opening

I don't actually remember watching this show, but I must have at some point because I had some of the figures (which had these cool holograms), and I also vividly remember having a terribly prolonged nightmare about space and skeletons and all sorts of weirdness, and I see at the end of this video where that skeleton came from.
The quality of this video isn't great, but it was the best one I could find.

The importance Voltron had to my childhood cannot be over emphasised. It was my absolutely favorite show. I in fact have a funny story about trying to get the figure. My Mom and Dad bought it for me on Christmas, but, being a kid (and it being made of die-cast) I ended up breaking it. So it was sent back. (I now realize they might not have been able to get their money back, probably explaining why I never got a replacement.) So we try again next Christmas - but it's not the right Voltron, it's the vehicle Voltron. Back is goes. Next Christmas, third times the charm, right? Well, it's the right Voltron, but the exact same thing happened again - it broke.

Three attempts and I never got that Voltron figure to keep. It's only until I'm older and re-issues are released that I was finally able to get my beloved Voltron toy. And this time I haven't broken it!

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