Friday, May 1, 2009

Battle Royale

I just finished watching the movie "Battle Royale". It's a Japanese film, in a dystopian alternate-time line Japan where, every year, one class is chosen to participate in Battle Royale - a game where all the kids are dropped on an island, told to kill each other, and whoever survives wins.

It's a brutally hard movie. Even though the violence isn't, for instance, like Saw movies - it's pretty horrific to watch teenager kill each other one by one.

This movie was largely criticized by the Japanese Government as being cheap and exploitative. I can certainly see why - but the movie isn't as shallow as that. It has a point. I read on Wikipedia that it is somewhat of a social commentary on the competitive nature of people in Japan. Or something like that.

It was a good movie - but I would not recommend it to anyone who has a weak stomach. I only rented it, which is good, because I don't think it's the type of movie for repeat viewings.

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