Saturday, May 30, 2009


Infamous has come out for the Playstation 3. I honestly wasn't that excited about it, as the open-world type games can sometimes become repetitive or too vast and can burn you out on the genre.

X-Play kept hyping the game on their show, but I still wasn't impressed, as (before a game is released) they are usually pretty kind to the creators that come on their show. (Swearing them off the set before the game is released just wouldn't be tactful.) So I take their "hands on" segments with a grain of salt and wait for the actual review - because that's where they are unrelentingly brutal if your game is actually bad.

Well, the review came out and Infamous got a glowing review. Now my curiosity is peaked, so I downloaded the demo off of the PS3 Network to try it out. I have to say I'm absolutely stunned. The graphics are amazing, the game play is spectacular, and the world is both gritty, imaginative and challenging. (I might have to play the game on easy, because you can die pretty quick. Your simply not the Hulk in this game.) But this gives the game a very visceral sense of action. And boy does it become fun when you successfully can blow away enemies.

Also, the demo isn't cheap either - as it has more than 3 missions to play through (I didn't actually finish them all, though) I was able to run around and have some fun in a rather nice size of the city.

I'm going to have to wait to get this game, probably, just because of money - but this is definitely a game I'm going to pick up. Check out the reviews of X-Play and

X-Play's Review

Gametrailer's Review

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  1. Thanks for the review!

    I'm waiting to see what Sony's new PSP Go is like. If nothing else, if it does indeed make the UMD obsolete, I'm gonna prepare myself to grab a whole bunch of UMDs on the cheap. I certainly don't mind them! ;-)