Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Goode Family - Gutterball

Tonight my sister and I sat down to watch our new favorite show "The Goode Family". The episode "Into the Wild" showed the family trying to get pets adopted. This... creature, named Gutterball, was left with them and adopted by the Goode Family's Grandfather.

I cannot express how funny this creature was. I was sent into utter hysterics and the sheer genius of this disgusting cartoon creature. Each frame of animation proved to make this already terrifyingly ugly creature that more disgusting. From the hair balls with skin attached, to the green mucus he's constantly emitting, this thing simply cracked me up to no end.

Eventually it was discovered that this is not a cat, but rather a creature called a Tri-Vulg. The minute I heard that I simply HAD to find out whether such an abomination really existed. Nope, sadly it doesn't look like it. And I have to say I was quite disappointed with the Internet searches even trying to find an image of this creature. I know it only premiered tonight - but barely anyone was even asking about it. Well, here's some pictures of Gutterball.

Gutterball is simply my most favorite pet ever on TV. The level of grossness is only outweighed by the eventual cuteness that you see in it's beady little eyes. The grand father was able to keep Gutterball at his apartment, so Gutterball won't be a weekly attraction (the excellent humor of the show is enough) but he might show up again.


  1. HAHaa i loved this post. exactly what I thought!


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