Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kamen Rider Decade Complete Form

In the latest episode of Kamen Rider Decade, Tsukasa received an upgrade to his powers. His suit is now adorned with Cards representing all the powers of the other 9 Rider's. I have to admit, the costume is very visually jarring. His regular outfit was a nice streamlined design, invoking images of camera film, but without being an obvious gimmicky look. This new look makes Decade almost look like a walking advertisement. So it's truly going to take a while to get use to. I will admit, though, I didn't like Kamen Rider Kiva's Complete Form at first either, but then it turned out to be incredible. As long as Decade is still cool (which he is), the new look will do fine.

These new powers, so far, allow Tsukasa to summon one of the 9 Riders, and they mimic his movements and fight right alongside him.

I have to say, jarring costume aside - I am very excited about Kamen Rider Decade. He has now traveled to all the 9 worlds, and the now the question is what does he do now? Apparently there are more worlds to explore - and question of wether Decade is going to become the Destroyer of Worlds is always looming in the air.

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