Thursday, June 18, 2009

My First Cell Phone

I got my very first cell phone. I've been included on my family's family plan, so it won't cost that much. But boy is this a challenge for me. I've never entirely liked cell phones - mainly because I find myself confused on how to use it correctly. I know cell phones are akin to breathing these days for some people - but I'm just a cell-phone illiterate. But I'm learning.

I got Sony Ericsson, colored red. My sisters says I'm copying her, because both she and my mother have the green and pink versions. But these versions where really the most prominently displayed phones - and it seemed the most basic.

I was very excited to find out it can essentially be used as an iPod, putting music on it. But I really need to get a memory stick to make that work. I can so far only fit two songs, if I'm lucky, onto it.

My phone also came with a surprise - 50 Free Song downloads from This turned out to be both a blessing and a curse. See, I'm not very into normal music. I'm never sure what I like, only being able to say wether I like a song after I've heard it. I know very little about bands, artists, anything.

So, anyway, I ended up looking in the Soundtrack Section, as I know which movie music I like. But jezz - there are so many fake albums, with sound-a-like Disney songs, and remade Star Wars themes. I don't want generic brands of music - I want the actual music, from the actual movies.

I finally decided on getting Japanese music. I only know about Japanese music through Anime TV series - so my knowledge of it is also limited. But I know what I like - and usually I like Japanese music. Well, does have some Japanese songs - but you really have to search through their grouped-together section of "Asian". There weren't many, but I did find some songs by artists like Mikuni Shimokawa, Minami Kizuki, and LM.C (no, I don't know who any of them are) but the music I previewed sounded pretty good. But it's still hard to get all my free music's worth - as there are not that many Japanese Songs on the site. I ended up actually getting two Kabuki plays, both 20 Minutes long. I doubt I'll listen to them all the time, but it seemed interesting enough - and I really, really wanted to get my use out of these free songs. I found it so hard searching for this type of music, that I doubt I'd ever come back unless it was free again.

Anyway - here is a cute Cell Phone video using Lucky Star.

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