Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Nintendo E3 2009

I saw Nintendo's conference at E3. I have to say I was very disappointed. I'm not one of those people who has been particularly angry about Nintendo's lack of support for hardcore gamers, but I also honestly haven't been playing my Wii very much either.

So I was hoping Nintendo might change that and bring out some of their key franchises, like Zelda. They had Super Mario - but, really, I'm not that terribly wowed by another Super Mario Galaxy game. Not saying I don't like what I see, but I was expecting something a lot more new and revolutionary - instead of another Galaxy game with just more levels and more Yoshi. And, trust me, this is coming from a guy who was completely in love with the first Mario Galaxy game. I thought it was like all the fun of childhood wrapped up into a single game. It was spectacular. But did we really need to wait so many years (until 2010) to just get a re-tread of the same thing?

They also had New Super Mario Brothers Wii - which is like the DS game of the same name, but with four players. Sort of like combining Super Mario Brothers with Super Smash Brothers. While that's all great for a party game - I'm simply not looking for party games. All this interconnectivity just aggravates me - as I doubt everyone is having Wii parties every night to play together. It just doesn't look that impressive.

The big thing Nintendo did have to show was Metroid: Other M, which is Metroid game developed by Team Ninja. I'm note entirely sure how I feel about this yet. It looks fun, but I'm sort of put off by the focus on narrative of the game, which seems to be showing Samus in her non-space adventuring world. So we're going to actually see the kind of world Samus comes from. That's nice, but it sort of takes away from the isolating space adventure the Metroid series is famous for. We always got little glimpses of what Samsus' larger world is like - but it was generally not entirely explored upon, which I felt gave it a more powerful mystique. Showing the Metroid Universe as a whole - might just turn in into an average Sci-fi universe, instead of the terrifying space adventure we've experienced on distant and deserted planets.

Bottom line about Nintendo at this year's E3 -- They are still aspousing philosophy as gaming. That's note really encouraging.

Here are some videos from www.gametrailers.com showing the stuff I talked about.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

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