Monday, June 29, 2009

Norman Osborn and the Initiative

I read the latest issue of Avengers: Initiative #25, and boy is that book changing. Not the quality - it's been nothing but top-notch -- no, I'm talking about the Initiative as an organization in the Marvel Universe. Norman Osborn, being handed the keys to the kingdom, has dissolved SHIELD and replaced it with HAMMER. He's also inherited the Avengers - and also the Avengers: Initiative. He's replaced all the heroes of the Avengers with villains and killers, and is now doing much the same thing with the Initiative. The Hood, recent pain-in-the-butt to the New Avengers, has been put in charge of the group, and given a whole new base "Camp HAMMER" to train notorious villains to be Norman Osborn's personal super-army.

The regular Initiative crew isn't taking this change lying down, as former drill Sargent Gauntlet has joined the New Warriors to help take down this new villainous group.

I have to say I really, REALLY wasn't expecting this turn of events. We all knew Osborn was going to be a giant jerk, but, like Tigra expressed during the issue, you could expect the Initiative to still go on, and perhaps still do some good away from Norman Osborn's sphere of influence. The man can't be in all 50 States, right? Well, Orborn proved to be that giant jerk, and took no time screwing every good person left in the Initiative. Gauntlet was ordered to have his right arm removed, so Osborn could keep the alien device attached to his hand. And Tigra was given the ultimatum that she would be forced to have an abortion on her skrull-baby, so it could be properly dissected.

I really was not expecting this level of @&^! coming so soon and so quick. I mean, even with a pseudo-Avengers group, Norman Osborn has to save the world, at least to keep up appearances. He'd save a kitty cat from a tree so as to get the publicity, right? Totally for the wrong reasons, but the cat would still get saved, right? Nope - Norman Osborn even hates kitty cats, if this issue is any indication.

No complaints about this issue. In fact I'm quite excited for the next issue - but I wanted to express how shocked I was by, just, the pure evil depicted in the issue! We all know Norman Osborn is going to eventually fall from his new throne, but I'm now hoping it happens sooner, rather than later. I want my original Initiative back~!

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