Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Playing Infamous

I've been really caught up playing Infamous on the PS3. I managed to get the money for it, and boy was it worth it. The game is extremely diverse, challenging, and complex. The storyline has a lot of anti government concepts, like how the media say the government is helping the city, when in reality it's been left to die. There is also a lot of conspiracy angles, as this group Sons of Liberty, are trying to develop people with super powers. You face a lot of challenging opponents - with each new area of the city saved brings more and more powerful bad guys.

It's an incredible trip. I just finished restoring power to the third island of the city - with the finale boss quickly approaching. So far it's been incredibly compelling, both from the gameplay and the storyline.

I've also been enjoying the developing level of powers Cole gains as your progress through the game. The final ability is my favorite - that of the Thunder Strike, where you can summon down thunder from the sky to destroy everything in your path.

Here's a video from www.gametrailers.com showing a montage of all the powers Cole can use.

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