Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fallout 3, Hints for New Players

One of the best games of this current console generation, in my opinion, has been Fallout 3. The incredible journey the game allows you to take, across the Capital Wastelands (Nuked Out Washington DC) has been one of the most engaging and immersing gaming experiences I've even tried.

Anyway - I am highly anticipating the release of Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition, which is going to feature all the extra downloadable content for the game. (Being a PS3 owner, I have to wait to even get the downloadable content) I think they are going to release it in October of this year.

If you missed out on this game, I highly recommend it. I do, however, caution that it is a very intense game. You have to make a lot of moral choices during gameplay. I might be overly sensitive, but I'm not the kind of gamer who can play something like GTA4 and go crazy killing people on the streets, even in a game. The key word for Fallout 3 gameplay is Survival -- and you get into quite a few firefights, and encounter all sorts of nasty characters.

For anyone new to the game, I wanted to give some hints that might help you in the game.


- You need to earn a lot of money in the game to maintain and upgrade your armor, weapons, and medicine. The best tip I can give is to try scavenging through ruined buildings and such. You can do missions that earn money, but often times that means going into a battle - and that just means more cash you need to replenish supplies.
- When scavenging, I recommend picking up any small items, that don't weigh a lot, but give you more than one bottle-cap apiece. (Bottle Caps are the currency in the game) You don't want to overfill your pockets with utensils that weigh 1, and only give 1 cap in return. Grabbing any medicine is also good, as is usually doesn't count in the weight of your supplies. So grab anything that doesn't have weight.
- Try and use a perk to increase the amount of weight you can carry - as this helps increase the amount of money you can bring in every-time you return home.

Buy a Home
- One of the biggest mistakes I made when first playing this game is not getting a home early. You really need one - as a constant base to return to. I simply didn't know about this until half-way through the game, as trying to find beds to sleep on are far and in-between.
- There are two real options for your home. One is in Megaton City or Tenpenny Tower. You have to make a choice, you first major moral choice of the game, as to wether to deactivate or blow up the bomb located in the center of Megaton City. If you choose to deactivate the bomb, you'll receive a house for free in Megaton. If you decide to activate the bomb, and blow up Megaton, then you get a free suite in Tenpenny Tower.
- Both options are pretty much the same, as Tenpenny Tower and Megaton have about the same resources and stores at your disposal. The only major hitch I've experienced is that Megaton has a better Supply Store, and Tenpenny Tower does not have a weapon repairman. (At least that I've found) Megaton is the smarter choice - but, wiping the whole place off the map is fun too.
- The biggest thing to achieving your own home, and quickly, is you need to increase your science skill first. If you don't do that, like I did in the game, accessing the bomb at all becomes impossible.
- Once you have a home, you won't have to spend money on doctors as much, as a quick day's nap will fix any ailing health problems.

Save Often
- The game does this automatically for you, but if you're on the surface for an extended period of time, it helps to save the game every once in awhile. A lot of progress can be wiped out from a single unprepared battle. (Especially against Super Mutants. You really need to wait awhile before you'll be strong enough, or have good enough weapons, to go anywhere near Super Mutants.)

Weapon Repair
- I really did not understand repairing weapons until my second play through the game. You can rely on a dealer to repair a lot of your stuff, but that can cost a lot. So, whenever you defeat an enemy, and can search their items, check their weapons. Take weapons that you personally already have, as having two of the same weapon will allow you to repair them. You might not be able to get the resale of that extra weapon, but you'll have fixed up your current weapon without having to go to a dealer.

Taking Stuff
- I know this might seem obvious, but you want to be careful what objects you touch or take in the game. Even if you're playing as a bad guy, and want to steal everything, you might want to contain your looting to deserted areas or things that are plainly free. This might just be because I'm not good with the sneaking portion of the game, but it's usually just not worth it to try and steal objects when someone is around. Not only can this get you in trouble, but it can make useful locations, like Megaton City, unusable because you where caught.
- If your confused as to wether it's OK to pick something up or not, just check to see if the text is green or red. I know, again, this seems obvious, but some places seem like they are occupied, but it's actually OK to take stuff.

I know some of this stuff might seem very obvious, especially to experienced players -- but I really did waste a lot of time because I didn't know about these options. So I hope these hints might be able to help some inexperienced newcomer.

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