Friday, July 3, 2009

Train_Man Densha Otoko

I rented another really good Japanese movie. Train_Man Densha Otoko is pretty much the quintessential geek-love movie. As someone not entirely with his act together, I can sympathize with Train Man. He essentially meets this woman and wants to be with her, but he's painfully shy. He relies on advice from an internet chat room to help him. It's a very sweet movie and very well made. It was heart breaking to see the mistakes he was making at the end of the movie, but he eventually found his footing and persevered.

I'd highly recommend this movie. What you might not know about it is it's supposedly based after a true story. Supposedly this discussion, between these people on the internet who helped Train Man, really happened. Wether Train Man is real is beside the point, but it makes the movie that more charming to know that it might really have happened.

The story has been made into other forms. There's a three volume Manga series, and a TV series as well. Wether true or not, it seems a lot of people can relate to the story of being afraid to be in love.

Here's a trailer for the film: Click Here

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