Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Who the @#$^%! is the Red Hulk?


Issue #600 of the Hulk came out today. What an utter, utter disapointment. Marvel seemingly promised an answer in this issue as to who the Red Hulk was. It's been over a year, 12 issues (some late) of Hulk (without the Incredible) stringing us along as to who the Red Hulk really is.

So, I immediately flip through the issue on the way home. Some of the art makes it look like Leonard Samson is the Red Hulk, but you later see him buried underneath and beat up by Red Hulk. (Which is good, because a suddenly crazy Leonard Samson would have been an even bigger disappointment.)

Well, no answer this issue. Who the @#%*! is the Red Hulk? I honestly don't care anymore! I hope Marvel wasn't banking on us all being stupid enough to keep reading the solo adventures of the Red Hulk. (Which will be on issue #13 by now) I'm only marginally pleased that Greg Pak will be back writing the Incredible Hulk next issue.

I am officially sick of this whole guessing game. Loeb has done nothing but screw fans out of 12 issues worth of money, and then expect us to shell out even more cash to string us along even longer.

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