Saturday, July 11, 2009

X-Men Evolution/TV Viewer Evolution

I grew up watching the original X-Men cartoon on FOXkids. It was an amazing show. Perhaps not the best animated, but the stories always shined through. Anyway, later a second X-Men cartoon premiered, and I was honestly taken a back by this new show's approach to the X-Men. X-Men: Evolution did not go over well for me. Wolverine's voice was just... all wrong. (Compare the FOXkids Wolverine voice to the current voice on Wolverine and the X-men. That's how his voice should sound!) Not only that, but Storm suddenly had a Marrow-inspired nephew, and the X-Men didn't even learn in Xavier's school, but went to a public school down the street. How weird is that? What if you went to Harvard and then where told to go learn in a building across the street. Would that make sense?

Anyway - X-Men: Evolution was simply going for a different kind of series, putting the X-Men in adolescent situations while they cope with their powers. A good enough concept, but one that I completely abhorred when I was younger. All the changes to the cast and characters simply struck me as wrong. I especially hated Mystique as the principle. Being a loyal X-Men fan, I stuck it out and continued to watch the first season. You want to know what finally made me stop watching? Near the end of the first season Cyclops finds his brother Havok. But instead of depicting him with his visually stunning powers (circles and circles) they just made him shoot blasts out of his hands. That's where I finally gave up and watched other shows.

Anyway, to my actual point - I found something out very surprising recently. The show is actually pretty good. I'm older now, and far more accepting of altered versions of comic characters, for TV and Movies, and I now realize it was a pretty fair show. Wolverine's voice doesn't even bug me as much as it did before. The show got better by introducing more characters, like the New Mutants and Beast. I've been watching the reruns on Jetix. I really have reversed course and see the show for what it is - simply a different take on the X-Men. And not a bad one.

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