Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Blackest Night Rings

Check out this article from Lantern Ring Collection Set to Boost DC's Sales

I seems there's going to be a continuation of the Black Lantern Ring give away - but this time without the "give away" part. For a comic shop to be able to order these rings, they have to order at least 25 or 50 issues of cretin DC Comics books. Not only will this give a huge boost to some deserving and underrated comic series, but it will allow fans to collect all the colored Rings.

This is how the deal works, as said in the bleedingcool artical:

"So for every 25 copies of Doom Patrol #4, Booster Gold #26, R.E.B.E.L.S. #10, Outsiders ‘24 and your retailer orders, they can order a bag of fifty Sinestro rings, Agent Orange rings, Indigo Tribe rings and Star Sapphire rings respectively.

And for every 50 copies of Justice League of America#39, Blackest Night #5 and Adventure Comics #4 sees you with a bag of fifty Red Lantern rings, Green Lantern rings and Blue Lantern rings, also respectively."

This seems like a great deal, especially for fans of Doom Patrol and other books like it. It will give new exposure to these great titles, and perhaps get new readers in the process.

Now - these Ring are not going to be free. I hope Comic stores are smart and simply give you the Ring when you buy the corresponding issue. That seems like the most fair deal - and it works great for me, because I get most of those titles already.

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  1. And, sadly, they aren't even as nice as some "bootleg" sterling silver ones I saw a year ago. :-(