Sunday, August 16, 2009


Hello. I got some bad news. I decided to delete a lot of the stuff I had put in this blog. Almost all of my comic images, Anime images, and any other images I felt I couldn't keep around.

See, my image account was nearly reach 80% of 1024 MB. Basically, I've made a choice between my two blogs - and my Super Sentai Images blog won out over this one. I'd rather save the space I have for more Super Sentai images.

And, let's face it, this blog hasn't been a great success, especially compared to my Sentai blog. Seeing the difference, between the two blogs, though, has given me a deep appreciation for all the visits my Sentai blog has received.

I want to thank anyone who has visited this blog, and hope they might still visit - as I'm done with this place just yet.

Even though I'm going to focus less on images - I am still going to try and feature Japanese Movies I've seen and liked, Comics I've been enjoying, and video games I've been playing.

So you can still expect to find stuff on Tokusatsu, Comics, Video Games, and Japanese Movies.

In short, I'm still blogging here - so I encourage you or anyone else to keep visiting.

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