Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Indecisive About Spider-Woman

Marvel recently released preview pages for the upcoming release of Spider-Woman. You can see them here: Spider-Woman Strikes Back at the Marvel Universe.

I have to admit, I have been VERY indecisive about wether to get or ignore this series. Brian Michael Bendis is one of my absolutely favorite writers - but even his attachment to this series hasn't gotten me to make a decision. It's not just that it's yet another comic book to add to my already large pull list - but it's also been a hard series to get excited about. Spider-Woman burst back onto the Marvel scene in New Avengers, with the promise of a regular on-going coming soon. Annoyingly, that was several years ago. I know, it would have indeed been a mistake to have the series earlier, because it would have been an even bigger rip off to buy a Spider-Woman comic and find out it's really about a Skrull impersonating Spider-Woman. That was smart on Marvel's part - but not in announcing and then taking away the idea of a Spider-Woman comic. Not knowing she was a Skrull at the time simply left me and other fans frustrated with the seemingly empty promise about the series.

So, I haven't been planning to get the series for a long while. Even though I was trying to ignore it, news about it was still in the fringes of my mind. And now with this release of preview pages - I just can't deny it any longer - I want to try this series out. That art just looks too good to pass up.

Now - this series is actually working on two levels, as each issue is going to also be released as a Motion Comic. That does sound like a cool innovation - but it still didn't grab my attention. If I'm buying any issues, it's going to be the tried and true regular version - not the Full Motion Comic.

Anyway - enough of my blathering, here is a video previewing the Motion Comic

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