Friday, August 7, 2009

Nobody Knows

I watched a movie today that was very well made and very insightful. It's a Japanese film called "Nobody Knows" (誰も知らない; Dare mo shiranai). It was on the Independent Films Channel. It's a story about four Japanese children who are abandoned by their mother. They have to fend for themselves, living in a small and cramped apartment. They do well at first, with the money that is left, but soon everything seems to fall apart. It's very captivating seeing these kids struggle to survive. The movie is extremely well acted, with the young lead boy giving a tremendous performance.

The title of the movie seems very telling to me, as the film depicted a large number of people that knew, or should have realized, the kind of trouble these kids where in.

This movie is based on a true story. You can read about it on Wikipedia here: Nobody Knows (2004 Film)

Apparently this film made some alterations, as the young girl who dies in it did not fall and hit her head, like in the film, but was actually killed by one of the friends the lead boy lets over. These kids where eventually found and taken care of. The movie didn't completely impart that information to you at the end, but the film was really about the hardships these kids endured.

Here's a trailer to the movie (sorry, best quality I could find. The IFC Trailer sort of stunk, as it mislead you into thinking this was an entirely happy movie)

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