Saturday, August 22, 2009


I saw Ponyo yesterday, and was utterly charmed and astonished by the beauty and cuteness of this movie. Every single hand drawn character moves like a symphony. The level of detail and movement so many of the scenes have is nothing short of jaw dropping. And for a movie that abhors digital effects - this film puts on display some incredibly enchanting and mesmerizing traditional effects - with bright lights and rainbow colors; it's simply breath taking. The entire film is simply wonderful. You immediately feel like you're a child again - as the charming characters, while motives being somewhat simple, show a level of depth and caring seldom seen in American animation.

The voice acting was nothing but superb. Liam Neeson did an exceptionally wonderful job as the under sea king - who seemed like a cross between Doctor Who and Willy Wonka. The youngest Jonas Brother plays the lead voice of Sosuke, and Miley Cyrus's youngest sister played the voice of Ponyo. While that might seem like a bonanza of popular teen idols, both their voices where nothing short of perfect for these parts. I simply loved it when Ponyo first began talking, yelling "Ponyo Loves Sosuke!" It was so endearing and funny, you couldn't help but smile.

Go see this movie. I for one am going to definately be getting it on DVD. This is utterly the best movie of the entire season. I simply cannot give it enough praise.

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