Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wolverine and X-Men Video Games

I've decided to try and buy the new Wolverine video game. I don't have the money on me now - but I'm figuring waiting might prove good, as the price might drop by the time I do have the cash. At first I wasn't too keen on this game, because of the implied gore that comes with Wolverine. I downloaded a Demo from the Playstation Network, and while it is violent, it's also pretty fun. I jokingly called it "Stabby Stab - the Wolverine story" to my sister. So, anyway, I think I'll try to buy it in the next few months.

Here's a review of the game from
Be warned, though, the video is for mature audiences only. (Again, it's Wolverine)

And here is another video, detailing the HORRIBLE X-Men games we've had to endure in the past.
Angry Video Game Nerd's X-Men Review
Warning: This also is for mature audiences, as the VGN doesn't hold back swearing. I usually don't approve of such swearing, but his reviews are very entertaining and funny.

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