Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Colossus is a Father

I just recently got Essential X-Men Volume 8. I've been waiting a long time to read this volume, as I've never actually read any of the X-Men's adventures in the Australian Outback. So far I've finally read the first appearances of the Reavers, the Goblin Queen, and Genosha. All very cool adventures.

But I ran across something very interesting in X-Men Annual #12, where the X-Men and the High Evolutionary work to save the Savage Land. See, the Savage Land got decimated - and it seemed like no one survived. Turns out a group of the Fall People (Savage Land folk) survived in another Dimension. Time moved a bit more slowly there, so anyone in the other dimension was a bit older.

How does this connect to Colossus? See, on one of his early trips to the Savage Land he apparently had an encounter with one of the Young Ladies of the tribe. Now, out of this portal, that Young Lady has grown up a bit, and has a young child with her. The kid takes to pounding on Colossus, finding even his hair is metal. Colossus reconnects with her and talks. Colossus asks about the father of the kid. She says the father left a long time ago. It really seemed quite implicate - that this was Colossus' child, and she wasn't directly telling him. Colossus is either dense or very naive to not pick up on this and at least ask.

See, I had actually heard about this a long time ago - and didn't give it much credence. I figured it was just fan speculation, saying there was the possibility of the Colossus II. (They where especially saying this when he was dead) Anyway - I didn't pay much mind, because it seemed less than definitive. Until I read the actual issue, that is. Colossus very much does have a child! It's obvious! Why didn't something come of this plot thread? Well, Chris Claremont does weave a lot of plot threads - this one just didn't happen to go anywhere.

So, is Colossus a dead-beat father? Will he ever send child support payment to the Savage Land? Only time will tell.

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  1. I always kind of suspected that ALL of the male X-men, er, played around with the Fall People women while they were stuck there. Colossus, especially, certainly seemed to have a way with the ladies. So, if Colossus DOES have a kid with that tribe, it doesn't surprise me.