Friday, September 4, 2009

Kamen Rider The First

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I mentioned in an earlier post about "Kamen Rider The First" being one of the few Kamen Rider movies ever released for American audiences. It was a great way to introduce Americans to the famous Rider - and since the movie was retelling the original Kamen Rider saga, new viewers would be less confused. The sequel to the movie, "Kamen Rider The Second" was sadly not released - but that shouldn't stop Rider fans from missing one of the few chances to legally see Kamen Rider in action.

While the movie condenses much of the plot of the original first Kamen Rider series, it does it well by giving us two people to focus on, Takeshi Hongo, who is kidnapped and brainwashed by the nefarious organization Shocker. Enhanced with cyborg powers and the abilities of a Grass Hopper, Hongo unknowingly does Shocker's bidding. In the course of events Hongo frees himself of this mind control, but is soon followed up by Kamen Rider 2, Hayato Ichimonji - who is ordered to kill their rogue agent. Eventually, even though enemies, both Riders team up to take down Shocker.

The special effects are well done, and performed in such a way that doesn't employ CGI. This sort of harkens back to the days of older style Tokusatsu effects, which had to be done with camera tricks.

The second movie furthers the adventure with Kamen Rider V3 introduced. I really hope some company takes the initiative and tries to release the Second film in the US as well.

Anyway, here are some images from Kamen Rider The First and Kamen Rider The Second.

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