Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Scariest Videos I've Ever Seen!

About a week ago I was looking on Wikipedia, and was browsing through all the info they had on the various Disney movies. It was very interesting to see what type of movies succeeded or failed, and how World War 2 interupted the process a lot, as most of the artists where drafted into the army.

Anyway, I got to Aladdin, I saw about the Controversy Section. They mentioned this one where, because of a sound problem, some people thought Aladdin was saying some dirty. You really have to strain to hear it, but it's there. It was removed from later releases.

OK, see, I told my sister about this. She didn't believe me - and said she wanted to hear it. We actually had Aladdin recorded on TV, but I told her that version wouldn't have it. So I suggested we go to Youtube. We type in "Aladdin Message" to hear this mistake.

We got this following video, which illustrates the alleged comment. It's really nothing - it just sounds phonetically like what people claim they heard.

What my sister and I did not expect was at the very end of the video - SCARING THE HOLY HECK OUT OF US! It's one of those pop-up monster scare-jokes. My sister almost started crying and ran out of the room. (Mind you, she's 25 years old. She's not a little kid) It scared me too - I was just surprised I didn't drop the drink I was holding at the time.

I don't know what kind of sick twisted mind thought it would be funny to put that, secretly, at the end of a video - but it made laugh for a good long time after the initial scare. I was actually so pumped up by it, I went and found another video - that warned you you'll be scared - and indeed, no amount of preparation stopped me from leaning forward and getting another great fright.

Here are the videos I'm talking about.
WARNING: These videos WILL scare you! Do not watch them unless you're ready to be frightened. No young children or elderly should view these videos.

Aladdin Controvery Video (With Surprise Ending Fright) Warning: Do not turn up your volume, like they suggest.

Here's the other video of a Ghost Caught on Camera.

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