Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Taste of Tea - Weird Stuff

Japan is notable for being the land of weird. I don't know how they got this reputation, but along with everything cool about Japan - there is equal amounts of pure crazy to go with it.

This movie, A Taste of Tea, is a prime example of, just, pure weirdness. The movie looks at the lives of several members of a family. The little daughter is plagued by a giant doppelganger of her self. The son, who probably has the most normal of problems, has troubles with girls. To help weird up that normal scenario, he hears about extremely bad experiences with women, and has a train come out of his forehead, symbolizing the girl he liked leaving.

The movie is very beautiful, but things go on far too long. I kept thinking "This is where the movie ends", but then there was another 10 minutes more, mostly involving a flower growing larger, from the surface of the Earth and into space and the cosmos.

I know there is a good movie in here. The quite scenes are exquisite - and if they had perhaps had a bit more grasp on reality, it might have made more sense. I still have no idea why the manga artist of the family was trying to say the wife was having an affair - only to get the stuffing beat out of him upon her return to the office. That's only one of the many unexplainable things that happen during the course of the film.

I got the trailer here, which should give you a better picture of what I'm talking about. I also included the Mountain Song - which the Manga Artist made for himself as a birthday present. It is annoying, and will melt your brain.

Here is the trailer for the movie

The Mountain Song

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