Sunday, September 13, 2009

X-Force and X-Men

I've decided to add two books to my comic pull-list. Uncanny X-Men, and X-Force. I have been, and am still, very skeptical of Matt Fraction's work on Uncanny X-Men - but I can't help but find myself caring for all these characters, no matter how badly they are written sometimes. Uncanny seems to be the lead X-Men book right now, and I am interested in this upcoming revival of Magneto. I guess in a way I got caught - I joined in for the Dark Avengers/X-Men Utopia story line, and now have been roped into caring for another book. I hope Fraction steps up his game and full fills on Magneto's return. At least that Female Hellfire club silliness is over and done with.

The other book I'm eyeing at is X-Force. See, I've been watching all the episodes I missed of X-Men Evolution on Disney XD. I really have found myself impressed with this series, despite being turned off during it's first season. The later seasons, 2 through 4, have simply rocked - with great episodes like when Mutants are revealed to the public, Magneto's curiously future X-Men filled team, and the epic rise of Apocalypse. If I had only known the series would be this good after that cringe inducing season finale of season 1, I might have stuck around to begin with.

Anyway - being impressed by the Evolution series, I began eyeing Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost's X-Force title. I had originally dismissed the series as another showcase for the already over-exposed Wolverine, but I'm now realizing the series is just an extension of his X-Men work. Plus I'm finding it nice to see older X-Men classics like Archangel, Bastion, Styfe, and Apocalypse in the series. I'm a continuity fan, so I love seeing these older plot threads being picked up again.

At the end of Dark Avengers/X-Men, the issue had a preview of an upcoming X-Force/New Mutants cross over called Necrosia. It featured Selene, the Black Queen of the Hellfire Club. I hate that villain. I usually don't hate a lot of villains, but she's right up there along with Doctor Light and the Shadow King in my book of annoying villains. So, color me surprised that I found myself actually interested in this upcoming attack of her's against the X-Men. That's another reason I'm giving X-Force a chance. If they can write Selene in a way that actually doesn't annoy me, then this might be the perfect X-Book for me.

I'm going to put X-Force on my pull-list, but I'm going to see if the recent two issues "#17 and #18" are still available, as I'm walking into part 3 of a four part story arch. I've also been thinking about saving up for two X-Force TPBs, one with the first 6-issues of this Wolverine led team, and the other of the big Messiah War story arch.

I'm finally returning to the X-Men. I hope it's a fruitful reunion. So Matt Fraction - don't mess it up!

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