Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Comic Review: Superman World of New Krypton #8

This issue was horrible. Utter garbage - for which I am the most surprised of anyone, given usually stellar creators behind this issue. James Robinson and Greg Rucka are both superb writers. They had been doing great stuff with the Superman Mythos - and World of New Krypton has been no exception, except for this issue. This series has been rather good, fleshing out the new and alien world Superman has temporarily decided to call home. While there are definitely alien concepts, like the Kryptonian Guild System and Military - it never bogged down the story of left us out of touch with what Superman was experiencing.

So, where did this issue go so wrong? The Thanagarians are the main trouble makers here. We spend half the issue from the Thanagarian commander's point of view, as they engage in a skirmish with the Kryptonian Guard. In what I can only assume was an attempt to give more flavor to the Thanagarians, every single word coming out of their mouths seemed to be a substitute word for something else. "Commander" is "Wing-Master", "Scum" is "Meat", ect. Sci-fi stories always have these kind of things, and they usually enrich the universe. In this case, I felt like I needed as translator just to understand what was even being said. "Wing-Master" and "Meat" might be easily inferred, but what about these list of words:

Osprey Unit Upper

Every single darn word out these bird-brain's mouths is another utterly incomprehensible phrase! If not for the solid art - I wouldn't have know what was going on at all! I admit, some of those words seemed to be used in the context of taking the Lord's name in vain - but how many gods are these Thanagarians swearing over?!

But, even figuring that out - I still don't know what the other words mean. Some seem to be military talk - but not any military that's ever been on Earth. I mean - what the heck is "Jammy"? Do you know? I sure as heck don't - and I doubt I'm alone in this.

The first page depicts the scattered com-talk of soldiers fighting a vicious battle. It's simply, completely, incompressible. Then, the "Wing-Master" orders the coms to be silent so only her voice could be heard. If only that meant we didn't have to sit for half the issue continuing to read this incompressible junk. Thank heaven Hawkman never talks like this.

The worst of it all - I know these writers can write diologe normally. The minute Superman and the Kryptonians enter the story, and start speaking, it's like breath of fresh air! I know they where attempting to give more flavor to the Thanagarians - but it failed miserably, and made this issue a complete waste. The new aliens who walk in on the Kryptonians at the end of the issue at least appear to be talking english. I know darn well the Thanagarians, and the writers, weren't speaking english themselves.

This issue is horrible. Flat out horrible.

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