Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dr. Slump

Akira Toriyama is one of the best and most talent Manga artists - with his classic work of Dragon Ball and art style of Dragon Quest, he's been slowly introduced and become familiar to us Americans.

Before Dragon Ball he was famous for another Manga gem: Dr. Slump. A humor strip - the series followed the adventures and exploits of Senbei Norimak (則巻千兵衛 Norimaki Senbee, "Seaweed-wrapped Rice cracker") and his robotic daughter Arale Norimaki (則巻アラレ Norimaki Arare, "Seaweed-wrapped Mini-rice cracker").

The strip is famous for it's juvinle humor (bathroom jokes) and references and in-jokes to popular culture. (At least during the time in 80s Japan. You'll notice a lot of Star Wars references, for example) Senbei is the beleaguered mad inventor of Penguin village. As per his name "Dr. Slump" he isn't the best inventor. Arale is by far his best creation - but even she's weird. The manga is extremely charming, even if it's humor is a bit juvenile, and I'd recommend it - especially to any Akira Toriyama fans who want to see his work before he made an even bigger hit with Dragon Ball. (Which, if you'll remember, is where he took many of his bathroom jokes before Dragon Ball turned into an action comic)

Here are some images I have of his art, and videos of the openings to the Anime series based on Dr. Slump.

This robot here is how Mr. Toriyama would frequently depict himself in the Manga.

Original Series Opening

The New Anime Series Opening

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