Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Meet the Fighters

OK, I've been digging around the net, finding out more and more about the upcoming Tatsunoko vs Capcom game. I was previously undecided - but after getting to know some of the less-American-known characters, I'm happy to report that I'm definitely buying the game when it arrives state side.

What might confuse some prospective fans are the unknown characters. So I've put together a list of all the characters that are listed to appear in the game - and an explanation of what I found out about each character. I hope this helps!

Here, also, are openings to the Anime from Tatsunoko's lineup: Tatsunoko Anime Openings

Capcom Line-Up

Origin: Street Fighter Games
Ryu is the standard-bearer for Street Fighter games, and again is leading Capcom's roster of characters.

Origin: Street Fighter II, Street Fighter Games
Like Ryu, Chun-Li set the standard for female fighting characters - and brings all her awesome footwork to bear in this game.

Origin: Street Fighter III
The third representative from the Street Fighter franchise is Alex, the brawling New Yorker from Street Fighter III.

Batsu Ichimonji
Origin: Rival Schools Games
Here's a new character for us Americans, from Capcom's School-Themed fighter "Rival Schools" Batsu here is the lead character in those games.

Origin: Darkstalkers Games
This popular lady Vampire comes from Capcom's Darkstalkers series.

Mega Man
Origin: Mega Man Legends
The old Blue Bomber is back again - but this time not as his regular self, but from the Mega Man Legend series. Sporting a more cube-centric look, Legends Mega Man was the first 3-D Mega Man game series.

Origin: Mega Man Series
Roll has always been Mega Man's even faithful robotic sister. Like in previous Capcom vs games - Roll is stepping up to play with the big boys too. Though, this time, she's bringing a broom. Way to break that glass ceiling!

Origin: Mega Man X series
Fan favorite Zero, from the Mega Man X series, joins the cast of Tatsunoko vs Capcom. Wielding a powerful laser sword, Zero is one of the toughest Maverick Hunters around.

Viewtiful Joe
Origin: Viewtiful Joe Series
Joe was sucked into the world of movies and became the Blockbuster Action star Viewtiful Joe! With stunning acrobatic techniques and trick photography - Joe should prove to be a cool addition to the game's cast.

Saki Omokane
Origin: Quiz Nanairo Dreams
Saki is another new Capcom character for us in the US. She's actually derived from a quiz game/dating sim. Saki is supposedly a normal 16 year old girl, but is actually a member of the International Earth Defense Force.

Kaijin no Soki
Origin: Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams
This is a character I'm unfamiliar with, but only because I haven't played the Onimusha series. Soki apparently possesses the dark power of the Oni. Expect some cool sword play from this character.

Frank West
Origin: Dead Rising
From the popular Capcom game Dead Rising, Frank West, Zombie photographer, brings his bombastic fighting style to this game. Oh, and he comes with an awesome attack where he stuffs a Sev Bot's head onto the enemy, in reference to the Sev Bot head easter egg in Dead Rising.

Origin: Lost Planet: Extreme Condition
This mech suit here comes from the Lost Planet franchise.

Origin: Ōkami
The finale boss of Okami is also the finale boss for Tatsunoko vs Capcom. This character isn't playable, most likely because it's going to be one of those sprawling large boss fights.

Tatsunoko Line-Up

Ken the Eagle
Origin: Science Ninja Team Gatchaman
The leader of the Gatchman group, Ken is the lead character for Tatsunoko's group of fighters. You might know this character better from the American adaptation of Gatchaman from "Battle of the Planets".

Jun the Swan
Origin: Science Ninja Team Gatchaman
The girl of the Gatchman group, Jun will be able to fight alongside her other fellow Gatchaman team mates in this game.

Joe the Condor
Origin: Ninja Science Team Gatchaman
Joe here joins Ken and Jun to round out of the Gatchaman line-up. You'll only find this character in Wii and not in the Japanese Arcade.

Origin: Neo-Human Casshern
Tetsuya Azuma is a cybernetic neoroider (Neo-Human). He transformed himself for the purpose of destroying robots that have taken over the world. Tetsuya is aided by his faithful cyborg dog Friender, who can transform into a jet, motorcycle, or submarine.

Origin: Tekkaman Space Knight
You might recognize Tekkaman from the american adaptation known as Technoman. If so, you might be asking why the different costume, with rainbow coloring. Well, this was Tekkaman's first incarnation as Tekkaman: Space Knight. The later series that was adapted to be Technoman was from the second Tekkaman series, Tekkaman Blade. You apparently are able to use both incarnations of the costume .

Origin: Hurricane Polymar
Takeshi Yoroi is Polymar's secret identity. He uses his special suit to fight crime. The suit is made of plastic memory, enabling it to assume any shape needed.

Origin: Yatterman
Calling himself Yatterman No 1, Gan Takada uses a weapon called a kendama, which he is able to use as a flail and grappling hook.

Origin: Karas
Karas protects a city that is inhabited by humans and Yokai (Japanese Spirits). Karas embodies the spirit of the city. Karas are suits of armor animated by human souls, and act as the city's appointed agents.

Origin: Yatterman
Doronjo is a villain of the Yatterman series, leading the hunt for the Dokuro Stone. Her associates Boyacky and Tonzura help Doronjo during special attacks.

Origin: Gyakunten! Ippatsuman
Ippatsuman fights for justice and brings his talents to Tatsunoko vs Capcom.

Gold Lightan
Origin: Golden Warrior Gold Lightan
This huge character fights to save the world from King Ibalda. A young boy, Hiro Taikai found a gold lighter - which fits in his pocket, but then can transform into a huge towering robot.

Hakushon Daimo
Origin: The Genie Family
A humerous Genie, who grants wishes to anyone to sneezes - and lives in a bottle with his genie daughter, who grants wishes to people who yawn. Sadly this character is the sole excluded character from the Japanese version of Tatsunoko vs Capcom. Legal rights prevented his trip over to the US. For anyone from Europe, you might know him Bob in a Bottle.