Friday, November 13, 2009

Final Fantasy XIII Release Date and Developer Commentary

Final Fantasy 13 is a game I, like many other players, am highly anticipating it's upcoming release. North America finally got a firm release date of March 10th 2010. I at first thought it was going to be here for Christmas, but then heard January as a date - and now it's three whole months away. It will be worth it, though, from all indications.

Square-Enix released a video with developer's comments on the game. I was sort of disappointed with the announcer they had in the video - as he boldly proclaimed Final Fantasy 13 to be the most anticipated gaming experience of all time. Way to jinx the whole project, buddy. Plus, that makes Square look arrogant as heck. Yet - FF has the long standing tradition of meeting those lofty expectations. Let's hope they do well here too.

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  1. Tell me if FF13 is good. I didn't like FF11 and beyond, but I heard lots are excited about FF13.