Monday, November 30, 2009

Super Street Fighter IV

A trailer has come out showing 5 of the new fighters being added to Street Fighter 4. Super Street Fighter II characters D. Jay and T. Hawk round out the original Street Fighter II cast. A brand new character, Juri, is being introduced - filling the apparently long absent Taekwondo fighting style. From Street Fighter Alpha we get three fighters, Adon, Guy, and Cody. I'm not sure, but it sounds like there might be two available spots left open for other characters.

I gotta admit, I was planning on scooping this game up right when it came out. Since the original SF4 only came out about a year ago, we're at least getting a reduced price. BUT - hearing that two slots have been taken up by Guy and Cody (former Final Fight characters) - it just makes me grimace. I want Street Fighter characters - not Final Fight characters. Also, it really seems to annoy me how the character Cody is dressed up in prison garb - apparently a fate that befell him in the Final Fight series. That's great, being all continuity conscious - but it just looks odd next to all the regular SF characters. I didn't mind hin as much in the Alpha series - I had gotten SF Alpha 3, so I had access to three times the regular amount of characters - but for Super SF4, it just seems like a wasted space better filled by another character. I just don't know if I'm going to buy this game now.

That said, I will probably buy the next SF4 iteration. (SUPER Super Street Fighter 4, I suppose) The 3ed updated version is usually the final edition of a Street Fighter game, and it seems like I'd get more bang for my buck if I wait for that, when more and better characters are added.

Oh - and, let me leave you giving my two cents on who should be added to the series: Street Fighter 3 characters. I really don't care if SF4 takes place before the SF3 (in it's, *ahem* continuity) I don't care - I want characters like Ibuki and Makoto added to the SF4 series. Everyone else in Street Fighter history is getting added, so why not the SF3 cast?

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