Saturday, December 26, 2009

New Super Mario Brothers Wii

Mario is one of the corner stones of the video game world - giving us the first glimpse of how a truly great game can be designed and made. Since his early NES appearances, the series has spread out in lots of different directions. Many people cite Mario as being a nostalgic property, with his most revolutionary innovations in gameplay being far behind him. Mario might indeed be nostalgic for many people, but he's not behind the times by any stretch of the imagination.

The New Super Mario Brothers Wii game harkens back to Mario's side-scrolling roots, and shows why he's still the best Goomba stomper in the business. This game gives you a welth of classic style gameplay, deriving inspiration from many past Mario games - but it also innovates the platforming concept in new and surprising ways. The use of Wii-Motion functions, while ham-fisted in many other games of this nature, works incredibly naturally here. It takes a little getting use to, wiggling the Wii Remote to make Mario spin into the air - but it quickly becomes second nature and an intricate part of this new gaming experience. New spins on power ups are introduced, like an Ice Flower, giving Mario the ability to freeze his opponents and even use them as stepping stones. Not an original concept, many games have had similar powers - but the slick ease and implementation of his power is but one example of what this series does best - platforming. Mario might sell-out for any Sports Related video game under the sun, but whenever he goes back to platforming, wether it be 3D or 2D, it always comes out as a first class piece of work.

Super Mario Brothers 3 was my first major video game. It's the one I always looked at in the store before I got an NES for Christmas, and it will forever stand as a testament to what a first class title should be like. Mario 3 was essentially the next evolution for Mario - as Super Mario Brothers 2 was simply a harder re-tread of the original (I'm speaking of the Lost Levels, which was the real Mario 2 in Japan. We got a repurposed title with Mario characters stuck into it) Super Mario Brothers 3 was a HUGE leap forward in design and implementation. The levels where beyond imaginative, giving endless new forms of challenge and fun.

One of the best features of that title where the introduction of the Koopa Kids - Bowser's 7 rug rats who you fought each level. I absolutely loved the Koopa Kids. As a kid I used tracing paper to draw the characters from magazines. This odd assortment of enemies simply seemed to expand Mario's world in grand new directions. They did appear again in the SNES Super Mario World - but they changed the style of the Koopa Kids so much that it simply wasn't the same. The Koopa Kids eventually faded away, eventually replaced by Bowser Jr. This new Mario Wii title not only brings back the Koopa Kids, lead by Bowser Jr, but restores the fun of these villains, giving them back their wands - and giving you the same objective you used to defeat them in Super Mario Brothers 3: Stomp on them 3 times! It's such a simple attack, but it's so fulfilling.

Like I said before, whenever Mario sets out on a main-platforming game, Nintendo does it right. They did it right with Super Mario Galaxy - and they have done it right again with Super Mario Brothers Wii.

I'd highly recommend this game to any Wii owner. (It's in fact been quite a long time since I used the system myself) The game is fun and challenging - but never too challenging. (It begins to be ridiculous how many 1-Ups you can gather) New and veteran players should both find a fullfilling game experience. I'm not sure addition of multiplayer, since I only have one Wii remote. From all I've gathered it's a fun addition, but not the reason you should be buying the game. The single player experience is the reason to buy this game.

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  1. Really good game. I'd still pick Mario Galaxy over Super Mario Bros Wii, though.

  2. How do you get to world 7?

  3. wowwwwwwwwwwwwww

  4. It is really cool I am crazy for super mario brothers. This is awesome