Monday, January 25, 2010

Adam, Eve, and Homer Simpson

At Church yesterday we had a class about Adam and Eve and the subsequent fall. All though the class I kept thinking of the Simpson's episode "Bible Stories" where they spoofed the story of Adam and Eve. My sister brought something up interesting, though. She told me, when she was a student in art school - nobody in her class even knew the story of Adam and Eve. She was quite astonished at this, as am I. Not concerning wether people believe or not - but that there are actually young adults, today, who have never even heard the story. They made a Simpsons episode about it - for crying out loud. And doesn't a large amount of classical art have religious undertones? What school was this school my sister went to, Saint Atheist School of Art and Design?

Anyway, not much beyond me retelling what my sister told me. It just sort of astonished me. It's such simple knowledge, yet an entire classroom of art students didn't know a thing about Adam and Eve.

I'm by no means trying espouse religious belief on anyone, but it still seems rather sad that American collage students would be so ignorant of, not just a religious story, but of cultural common knowledge.

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