Friday, January 22, 2010

Funny Video Game Sites; Darksiders Review

Some of the sites I mention and feature in this post contain swears and other offensive material. It is intended for mature audiences only. I usually don't like that kind of stuff myself, but it's humorous and entertaining.

I get most of my video game reviews and news from two sources - X-Play and Both have excellent reviews and information. For the funnier side of gaming, I go to Hey Ash What You Playing?, The Angry Video Game Nerd, and Zero Punctuation. These sites make merciless fun of video games, with hilarious skits and wild rants. Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw makes Zero Punctuation, one of his reviews I wanted to share with you. A hilarious and very observant game reviewer, he usually tears down any game that displeases him. Even if it's a game you personally love, it's still fun to see him go on about what he dislikes about it.

Mr. Yahtzee recently reviewed the game "Darksiders". (I thought this was a prime example of Mr. Yahtzee's witty humor.) Comics fans might know that Joe Madureira designed the art for this game. He's a wildly talented artist, but he so often gets attached to things and stories that makes his art worthless. (Jeph Loeb simply destroyed the Ultimates, and Joe Madureira sadly helped him) Apparently Darksiders isn't a very good game, getting poor reviews all around. In Wizard Madureira sounded so excited about this game and the art work he did on it, so it must be disappointing for it to tank as a game.

Anyway, Mr. Yahtzee might not even like Joe Mad's art style, but it sound like he's absolutely right about this game. Here's his review.

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