Friday, January 29, 2010

Tatsunoko vs Capcom Review and Tips

I finally got Tatsunoko vs Capcom in the mail today. It seemed like while I was gearing myself up for this game, everyone else was doing the same. Capcom has even said there might be something good announced if this game sells well. I really have to commend Capcom for not only the risk of bringing this game over to America, but the for the hard work they put into the finished product. This is a wonderful game, with an endless amount of technicolor effects, awesome fighters, and bizarre mash ups.

The game has excellent, if colorful, presentation, but there are some aspects you might want to know about ahead of time. No dialogue, except for Frank West's character, is in English. This was probably both a cost saving measure and a creative choice. Many of these characters simply don't have established American voices, so it's probably for the best.

The challenge level of this game is nice. Obviously you can make things harder or easier - but, for me, right out of the box the fighting level is right in my range. I'm definitely one of those button mashers, but you can do pretty well fighting that way, and increase the level for you're skill set as well. Either way it becomes a fun experience. Even if you're executing a super move every few seconds, it somehow doesn't becomes bothersome or over done.

I played this game with the Classic Controller, and apparently you'll want to use that or a Game Cube controller, as the regular wii-mote might not cut it. That's fine for me, I wasn't planning on playing it any other way, but I do have to warn you might experience some soreness on your hands. The Classic Controller just wasn't made to be a hardcore fighting game. That's my experience, at least, though this is really only the result of wanting to play the game over and over again within a few days.

Anyway, I'd really recommend this game to any Wii owners for Fighter fans. It's been getting excellent reviews, and I really hope Capcom gets the sales and results they wanted - as I hope this might mean they might take more chances with different properties to bring over to the US.

Out of the characters I've played so far, there are some stand outs for me. Ryu and Yatterman-1 seem like the easiest and most accessible fighters, as they have large scale super attacks that rarely miss the enemy. Zero, Tekkaman, and Tekkaman Blade make for good sword wielders, while martial arts characters like Batsu, Polymar, Casshern, and Ippatsuman, are all well balanced and fun to play.

Here's some Tips

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character for purchase at the shop.

Frank West: Complete the game with three Capcom characters.
Joe the Condor: Complete the game with six Tatsunoko characters.
Tekkaman Blade: Complete the game with three Tatsunoko characters.
Yatterman-2: Complete the game with Frank West, Zero, Tekkaman Blade, and Joe the Condor.
Zero: Complete the game with six Capcom character.
Third Characrer Color

Successfully complete Stage 4 in Arcade mode to unlock the third color for that particular character. Press [Strong] to select this costume.

Fourth Character Color

Successfully complete Stage 8 (final Boss) in Arcade mode to unlock the fourth color for that particular character. Press [Partner] to select this costume.

Shooter Mini-Game

Defeat the final Boss, then press any button during the credits and it will become playable. The music will change and Doronjo and her allies on a bike will appear. Collect all of the yellow letters to spell "THANK YOU FOR PLAYING". Complete the playable bike sequence to unlock the Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Ultimate All-Shooters mini-game.

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