Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Agents of Atlas

Sometimes comic companies can really disappoint you. Small time affair books can have a hard time getting off the ground or find an audience, and before you know it you're fan favorite series has been canceled. SWORD is a good recent example, being canceled in 5 issues because nobody knew what to make of it, and by the time we all read and liked it, it was already too late - the sales couldn't sustain the title.

This being said, sometimes comic companies can surprise you as well. Agents of Atlas has been one of those small-time fan favorite books, getting greats reviews but low sales. Marvel has not only supported this series, but seemingly has refused to let it die - despite holdouts like me. Relaunches and Mini-Series have kept the series going, and once again Marvel is giving the series another shot with another new on-going, simply titled "Atlas". I had been viewing this series from afar, not sure what to make of it. It looked fun - all these 1940s and 50s classic characters being revived, creating a kind of B-Movie mash-up adventure series! Yet I didn't pick up any issues, which I regretted. Even when I became more interested in it, I thought I was too far behind to get into the series. Well, Marvel did a smart thing by giving another receptive audience, Hercules readers, a taste of the series with a few back-up tales tying into Herc's recent adventure of storming New Olympus. Not only did I find the art incredible, but I found it instantly accessable. There has been stuff going on before-hand, like the Agents of Atlas acting like villains during the whole Dark Reign saga - but in general nothing that came before stopped me from enjoying and understanding the back-up stories in Incredible Hercules.

As far as I see it, here's what you need to know, in it's most basic form, about the characters (I need to learn more as well as time goes on)

Jimmy Woo
Former Government Agent and Leaders of the Agents of Atlas

Marvel Boy, Robert Grayson
Alien from Uranus with lots of Sci-Fi gadgets. Also has a sweet flying saucer!

Atlantian beauty and power house. Under sea adventures guaranteed!

Gorilla Man
Man transformed into Gorilla. Gorillas are awesome!

M-11, Human Robot
The 1950s Sci-Fi Classic Robot come to life. Doesn't talk much, and has extendable arms.

Siren of the sea, Venus is able to influence men to do her bidding. Great for crowd control!

Now the new Atlas series is coming out in May, in addition to a reprint of the first Agents of Atlas issue #1 for only $1. I also like the new addition to the team in that of 3-D Man (aka, Triathlon, from the Avengers) 3-D Man became a stand-out favorite in Avengers: Initiative, being one of the first heroes to realize and fight back against the Skrull Invasion. It's good to see him coming back, and with a team he has history with, as the original 3-D Man was one of the original Atlas members.

So I'm going to get on board and try this series. I'm sure the book could use all the support it can get - so give it a go and try the book out you're self too. Here are some images I've collected of the series so far.

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