Saturday, February 27, 2010

Jim Bunning - Single Handedly Ruining People's Lives

My father has been unemployed for more than the last year. He's a Release Engineer, and it has been very hard for him to find a job. He has not rested on his laurels either, going to workshops, networking meetings - everything to help increase the chance of him getting a job. It doesn't help that he's also fighting against age discrimination, being over 60 years old.

What has helped our family has been the unemployment my father has been getting. It has single handedly helped keep our family afloat and helped make sure we never fell behind on our mortgage payments. We've had to cut down on things, reducing our costs and even excepting food from our Church's programs.

It's been tough, but we've been doing well - and eventually my Dad will get a new job. But until then the unemployment, and the various extensions of it, have helped tremendously.

Now comes in Jim Bunning, the republican senator from Kentucky. He decided to take it upon himself to single-handled block the bill that would extend million's of American's unemployment. The republican party does not support this move, and other senators where begging him not to do this. But he did it anyway. News reports say it will probably take over 20 weeks to work around Bunning's obstruction. In the mean time my family will be out $500 a week. Not only that - but there's not going to be any catch-up with that money - it's just going to be a total loss for our family's budget until the unemployment renewal is reinstated.

Oh - but you might ask, why is Bunning doing this? He apparently wants the money to pay for the extension not to be added to the national debt. Fine, fine - a very nobel idea - trying not to exacerbate the already huge national debt - but Bunning decided to do this with the elegance of a baboon. This extension is literally the life-line to millions of unemployed Americans during these poor econmic titles.

And, this isn't even the worst part. It seems, in this inane attempt to not burden the national debt any more - it will have the reserve effect, costing the government even more money in having to reinstate the unemployment extension.

I was happy with the thought that, at the very least, the over 10% unemployed voters in Kentucky would throw Bunning out of office for doing something this stupid. But, nope - he's not planning on running for re-election to begin with.

So, way to go Mr Bunning - you have single handedly shoved our family off a cliff! Your legacy is going to stained by this single, mind-numbing idiotic act. Bunning should be ashamed of his actions. He has hurt the country, the voters he represents, and has made me loose total faith in the government and politics.

UPDATE: Good news! Not only is another senator pushing the bill through, but my Dad isn't going to loose any week's payment of unemployment. That is really such a relief. It doesn't absolve Mr Bunning's actions, but I'm glad to see Government business did work out in the end, despite one small minded man's attempts to thwart it.

Here's a Clip Showing Bunning's actions.

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