Thursday, February 18, 2010

Super Street Fighter IV: SF3 Characters

I initially voiced my complaints about Super Street Fighter IV when I heard that Final Fight characters Guy can Cody where being added to the the existing line-up. I was really rather disappointed by that, because additional characters are much fewer than if this was a 2-D Street Fighter game, it seemed like a waste to give two spots to Guy and Cody. They aren't bad characters, but they also aren't characters I'm burning to play. I was beginning to think I just wouldn't buy the game at all.

Well, consider by position reversed! Three new characters have been announced for the game, and all Capcom needed to do was go into the Street Fighter 3 roster. Ibuki, Makoto, and Dudley have been announced as new fighters, instantly pushing this game from "wondering wether I'll buy it", to a "must own" experience! I really adored Street Fighter 3, and it seemed like such a waste not to use the characters from SF3 because of the continuity-story line. (As if anyone buys these games because of the story) The SF3 cast just seemed perfect for this game, with their already fluid fighting styles and design. Well, my wish was granted - so I'm mighty happy now, and am definitely going to get the game!

BTW - There is one fighter left to be announced. The end of this trailer features oil dripping down the screen at the end. I'm somewhat afraid we're going to get some oily fighter... Oh well ---- with Ibuki, Makoto, and Dudley, I'm good for Round Two of Street Fighter VI!

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