Thursday, February 4, 2010


Getting to play Tatsunoko vs Capcom, I've subsequently learned a lot more about the various Anime characters that appear in the game. Some we already have access to, like Gattchaman, Tekkaman and Karas, but others are completely unknown to American audiences, which is a shame considering how fun these shows look.

Here I'm going to tell what I've learned so far about Yatterman. It looks like a fun and inventive adventure series, starring Gan-Chan (ガンちゃん) and Ai-Chan (アイちゃん). They are plagued by humorous villains Doronjo (ドロンジョ, Doronjo), Boyacky (ボヤッキー, Boyakkī), and Tonzura (トンズラー, Tonzurā).

The series was on during the 70s, but seems like it's been getting a recent revival - not just appearing in Tatsunoko vs Capcom, but also a new cartoon and live action movie! I've provided some information on the series, the old and new opening of the TV series, and the live action movie's poster and trailer. We probably won't ever see this series in the US unless a company licenses the series, but it's still fun to find out about it, even tangentially.

Here's a more full description of the series:

A mysterious stone known as Skull Stone (ドクロストーン Dokurosutōn) is scattered across the planet, it holds the power to reveal the location of the largest deposit of gold in the world. A trio of villains, the "Doronbo (ドロンボー Doronbō) Gang is in pursuit of fame, power and wealth as they search for the Skull Stone. The "Yatterman" try and block the Doronbo every chance they get.

Gan Takada is a 13-year-old boy whose father is a famous toy designer who failed to complete the "Yatter-Wan", a dog-shaped all-terrain rescue robot. Gan is an expertise in mechanics, and he helps fix his father's dream design. He forms a fighting team with his girlfriend Ai, and names himself "Yatterman No. 1". His weapon of choice is a kendama, which he uses as a flail and grappling hook as well as for his special attack "Kenda-Magic"

Ai Kaminari is Gan's girlfriend, and the only daughter of a shopkeeper who sells electrical appliances. She is Gan's loyal follower. She is often seen constructing and modifying machines with Gan. She is "Yatterman No. 2", and uses a telescoping baton to emit electric currents to shock opponents, as well as for her special attack "Electric Stick".

Omotchama (オモッチャマ Omocchama) is Gan's robot. It is the mascot of Gan's father's toy shop. It is shaped like a large die, and is known for its catchphrase "-da-koron" at the end of each sentence.

Here's the Opening of the Original Series

Here's the Opening of the New TV Series

And here's the poster and trailer for the Live Action Film


  1. Yatterman is awesome! So glad to see its getting a revival here in Japan. I think there is one DVD in america with some of Yatterman in it- it's called Time Bokan and it;s about all the villains from all the Tatsunoko series teaming up. I haven;t seen it yet, but I do have some toys from Yatterman :P

  2. In Reply to soddymothdust: Yep - you're right, there is a Time Bokan DVD. Netflix has it - just type in "Time Bokan" on their search engine.