Friday, March 12, 2010

Cutie Honey

I have never seen Cutie Honey, neither the Manga, TV series - nothing. It's apparently been a long running franchise in Japan, and I think the first female lead hero to appear in a Shonen (Boys) Magazine. From all acounts, it's a series that has nudity and action. I'm from the West, so my puritan heritage would probably stop me from watching this series.

Yet - this live Action Adaptation of Cutie Honey is great fun! Instead of being overly sexualized, it goes a smarter route of being campy. Cutie Honey does have quite a few moments to appreciate her cuteness - but it never gets out of hand, nudity or otherwise. What's great about this movie, though, is the incredible Anime-Style action they create, using tokusatsu effects and CGI - to creative this hyper energetic action, with over the top explosions!

The rest of the movie, showing the menace of "Sister Jill" (who doesn't look like a girl at all) wants to acquire Cutie Honey's I-System, which gives her her powers. The story also nicely revolved around the female police chief Natsuko (soon refereed to as Nat-Chan!) and her friendship with Cutie Honey. Along with a secret NSA agent to help out - these three fight to defeat Sister Jill. The enemies of this film are both outlandish and outrageous, with over the top performances to put day time soap operas to shame.

My only real complaint with the movie is that all the good action is used up in the opening battle. After that grand sequence of insanity - all the other battles seem tamer in comparison. Plus the finale battle is more pychological than action packed. It's still a funny and weird movie, though.

You can get a good sense of what the movie is like with the Trailer here. Sorry, I couldn't find one with subtitles.

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