Thursday, March 25, 2010

FF 13 - Lightning Action Figure Review

I recently picked up the new Final Fantasy figure of Lightning. This new larger sized Final Fantasy figure might cost more, but you get a wonderfully detailed and solid figure in return. I only bought Lightning, instead of all three, because of the cost; though I am eyeing Fang and Sazh who come out in the next wave of figures.

This figure comes with lots of points of articulation. Sometimes that much articulation isn't always good - as it can sometimes make it too hard to enjoy, as the entire body of the figure becomes fragile when you move it around. Not so with this figure. While Lightning has a great deal of articulated movement, it's not over blown in the least. All of the figure's movements are natural, elegant, and finely tuned.

Lightning comes with two versions of her sword gun - one in sword mode, one in gun mode. I suppose it was asking too much for it to be a working version of it, able to transform it you're self. But these accessories are very detailed - so much so that you can line them up against each other to see where their common features are, and imagine how it transforms into one form from another. The only bad thing concerns the gun. While it's great in Lightning's hand, it doesn't work very being put into the gun holder. I really was looking forward to being able to place it in there, and it all looks like it should fit - but you end up having to shove it in to accomplish this, resulting in the trigger of the gun being squeezed and probably damaged if you do this enough. I have given up on trying to fit it in there - deciding it was more accurate for nothing to be holstered when she's holding the gun. (And, really, are you going to display her without her weapon in hand?)

The other concern with this figure it the display stand. The older FF figures came with an elegant black wire-frame display. To accommodate the wild poses you can put these figures in, Square-Enix decided to give them a stand allowing you to display them up in the air. The only problem with this is that the joints of the holder cannot be tightened, making it a balancing act if you want to display Lightning really flying through the air. You also have to back the stand up a ways when posing her on the ground. I've seen these types of display things before - and they usually come with a knob to tighten the joints, so there isn't any unintended movement while it holds the figure. It still works, and you can get Lightning jumping in the air well enough - but this could have been so much better if they had put in joint tighteners.

Over all I'm happy with this figure, but you might be happier with it if you can buy it at a cheaper price. This site, Anime Castle, has the figure listed at $37.99. You can also perhaps find a good deal by comparing prices on a search engine.


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