Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mega Man 10 and Final Fantasy XIII Reviews

There are two games coming out this month that I am very much looking forward to. One is trying to be a major leap forward in video gaming, while the other is striving to recapture the magic of the 8-Bit era.

So here you can check out two early reviews of these games. I am very excited for both of them.

Mega Man 10

Mega Man, one of my most favorite video game franchises, is releasing a second Retro-Style sequel with Mega Man 10, due to hit the PS3 March 11th. I absolutely loved Mega Man 9, and this game doesn't look to be any less spectacular. The return to 8-Bit style graphics has been a stroke of genius, - making excellent gameplay the center piece of the experience. This time you get to play as Mega Man and Protoman, with Bass being introduced as DLC later. I'm proud to say I was one of the people who thrived on the harder style gameplay. I had always though Mega Man games became too easy when he kept developing newer and newer powers. Take away a charging Mega Buster and Sliding, and you take Mega Man back to the grand type of challenge seen in Mega Man 1 and 2. The bosses this time look great, if not a little big funny. Oh - and for those who didn't like the hard challenge (it does take a LOT of tries to get good at it), there is going to be an easy mode.

The game is incredible, with solid gameplay and re-playability. But, there was one thing wrong with it.

Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII is the long delayed gaming experience we've all been waiting for - but they made a boat load of changes to the gameplay that not everyone might like. It's MUCH more linear, and makes some bold choices to stream-line the story experience, like regenerated health at the end of any battle, and buying items from save-spots instead of towns. It reminds me a lot of Final Fantasy X, which was also labeled as being more linear than other Final Fantasy games. But the trade off apparently is a great character-based story line, one which I hope will succeed like it did with FFX. The graphical effects look nothing short of amazing, and the new fighting system looks very deep and complex. I'm really not sure what to expect, and wether I'll like all of these changes or not - but Final Fantasy has always strived to do something new with each sequel. They haven't disappointed... yet.

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