Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mega Man 10 - I Hate the Borders

It's complaining time again. I try to generally stay positive, and not needlessly trash anything - but sometimes I have a gripe that I just have to complain about.

I just bought Mega Man 10 on the Playstation Network. I was at first really annoyed that it took until 10PM for the game to actually be available in the store. If they say it comes out on the 11th -it should be there by at least 8AM. That's just annoying to the customers who have been patiently waiting this long - and then having to be held up all day.

But that's minor compared to my second problem -- the Borders Capcom decided to put on Mega Man 10! Who's stupid idea was this? Not only are the borders distracting, but it's impossible to remove them! Mega Man 9 didn't have borders - and it looked fine. Is there something so terribly wrong with having blank space on the screen? Does everything have to be filled with graphics?

I simply find this inexcusable! There is no justifiable reason to ruin this game by sticking needless boarders on it. I'd be more ok with them if they simply gave us, the player, the option of deleting them - but Capcom didn't do that. Really - when developing this game - did no one actually look at the damn screen and say "Hey, isn't that boarder a bit distracting?"

I know, I know - it's not the end of the world. The game is still great, and I still recommend it. And sometimes you do forget the boarder is there - and some people might say "what's so wrong with a border on the game?" The answer? Go watch any movie, with black bars above and below it for wide-screen, and imagine watching the movie with this kind of wallpaper right next to it.

I really hope Capcom might hears some complaints, and maybe put out an update - giving us the option to delete the borders. But, that requires forethought - something Capcom was defiantly lacking this time.

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