Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Comic Review: Superman #700

The last few years of Superman comics have been nothing less than stellar. From the Legion of Super-Heroes being reintroduced into Superman's mythology - to the resurrection of Kandor and the creation of New Krypton -- it's been one of the most eventful times in Superman books in a long time.

Now that New Krypton and Zod are gone - a new chapter in Superman comics is coming, with J. Michael Straczynski taking over the writing duties on Superman. We get a preview of the new creative team in this issue - and while I have reservations about JMS's style of writing, I'm actually looking forward to this run. Eddy Barrows seems perfect for this kind of emotional story telling. Apparently Superman is going to go on a cross country trip walking across America. The cynical side of me keeps shouting "how dumb is that, Superman gets slapped in the face by some crazy woman, who wanted miracles from Superman, and now he has some Super Thinking to do!". It's sentimental crap like that which should have me running for the hills. But, despite that, it still comes off to me as a good story, and possibly JMS will succeed in getting into Superman's personality. Here's hoping.

But, before the preview we are given a farewell to departing writer James Robinson. It's sort of, quite frankly, lame when compared to the great and awesome issues he did during his run. Superman basically come back and meets up with Lois again. They kiss - finally reunited after a full year apart - and engage in some mediocre talk about Lois never wanting Superman to be away like that again. Plus, this might just be me - but I find it so out of character to hear Lois calling Clark "Baby". I know their married - but can't they come up with a less undignified nick name for her spouse? He's Superman, for pete's sake! This story at least closes the chapter on Robinson's run - but it could and should have been something so much better.

The middle story by Dan Jurgens is equally as weak as the first one - featuring a story where Robin sneaks out to go crime fighting on his own, gets saved by Superman - and Superman helps Robin finish his geometry homework so Batman doesn't find out he was gone that night. Besides this being an overly cutesy tale, what I hated most about it was that Superman was barely in it! This was a Robin story, featuring Superman - not the other way around. And, while I know Superman and Batman are best buds - can't we save a story like this for the Superman/Batman book. This is Superman's 700th freaking book! Robin isn't even a supporting Superman character! This story was cute, but definitely not Milestone-issue material.

There are a few preview pages showing what's happening with the other Superman books. It's a nice highlight of what DC has planned for Superman in the future. They also have a preview of Action Comics #890, which is going to star Lex Luthor. I'm really excited to see Paul Cornell (Doctor Who) writing, but this small preview utterly confused me. I understood the whole Lex Luthor angle - but there is no explanation why Lois Lane is having a quite dinner with Lex, and then standing by when he orders to death of one of his subordinates. Maybe this will be explained in the actual issue - but it's not a good way to get me excited about the book.

This anniversary issue was such a profound disappointment. For all my mixed feelings about JMS's story - his ranked as the best story featured in this issue! Except for the the historic nature of this book, reaching issue #700, this issue was not worth it. Especially not five dollars worth!

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  1. Fair comments! I actually enjoyed the Robinson/Chang story the most - Superman actually tackling a regular supervillain on Earth, and getting to give Lois 'a super k-k-kiss' and more!