Tuesday, June 15, 2010

E3 2010

Watching G4's coverage of the E3 Video Game convention has been great. I was very skeptical about this year, because of the new larger focus on Motion-Based video games (like the Wii) and the introduction of accessible 3D Gaming. While Motion and 3D aren't bad things, they also can often become a gimmick, unless it's backed up by actual good games. Also, for a more traditionally leaning fan - was there anything announced for my gaming preferences? E3 most certainly delivered, especially Nintendo, who not only brought back all of the old school video gaming franchises, but also 3D gaming that actually looks good.

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

This looks like a very promising Zelda game, which I'm hoping will be the quintessential Zelda title for this console cycle. It seems to employ similar graphics to that of Twilight Princess, but combined with a lighter and brighter appearance similar to Wind Waker. The main hook of the game is the ability to use the wii-remote as you're sword, and the nunchuck as you're shield. It's not just, waggle the Wii remote, and Link does something - but your movements actually being mimicked by link. There were some technical glitches when it was played on stage, which does give me some pause (the Wii can be difficult to control sometimes) but hopefully things like that will be hammered out as it's developed.

Kid Icarus and the 3DS

This is the game that shocked me the most - as it's being touted as the Nintendo 3DS 's launch title. What immediately struck me was how great the graphics looked - appearing as if it was a polished Wii title at first. This game is going to be the first to feature true 3D gameplay without any glasses. It simply looked gorgeous, and it seems like a revival of Kid Icarus has been well over due. I think Nintendo has been saving Pitt all this time just for just this kind of occasion. What impressed me the most about the Nintendo 3DS is that it isn't forcing 3D on us. (As contradictory as that sounds) You're able to adjust the 3D anytime, and can even turn it off if you want to. Add that to being compatible with older DS games, and I'm sold. I really did not think I would actually be saying that. I haven't even upgraded to a DS Light or DSi - so Nintendo should be proud to have actually gotten someone like me excited, and hopefully the other fans like me, who aren't necessarily heralding 3D as the be-all and end-all of gaming.

Dragon Quest

This is coming out in less than a month - and it's the game I've been anticipating for a long, long time. I've been hyped up about this for a while now, so I won't reiterate it here. You can see the preview videos that I've already shown previously.

Metal Gear Solid: Rising

I absolutely adored the Metal Gear Solid games, and was extremely pleased with how the series ended with MGS4. While the main story of Solid Snake might be over, there are still quite a few areas of the Metal Gear universe worth exploring. I'm really not into the PS Portable games, or the Multiplayer features that have so far been offered. So I was extremely surprised to see Metal Gear Solid: Rising, which boasts incredible new sword-style gameplay with MGS4 graphics on the PS3. Raiden might have been the poster boy for how to make a bad sequel years ago - but he's come back, transformed like you won't believe as the ultimate Cyber Ninja. The game features slice-and-dice sword gameplay, as you control every angle Raiden can cut things at. And everything, and everyone, is cuttable. It's much more gory than I might like, but the style and innovation the game promises seems like it's worth trying.

Portal 2

Portal was one of the smartest and most unique gaming experiences of the last decade. Not only did it feature incredible new gameplay, with mind bending puzzles - but it did it all with an engrossing story and evil AI nemesis that continues to remain in your mind long after putting down the controller. I don't know how they are going to innovate on the original gameplay, but you know they simply will.

Infamous 2

Anticipation for this sequel sort of confuses me. I LOVED the first Infamous game. It simply did everything right in making a sandbox video game. And while I do want to get Infamous 2, it still looks like the same kind of gameplay. It features ice powers now, but what else? Maybe it's just burn out, with the other games grabbing my attention, but I'm hoping Sucker Punch will prove me wrong and offer up another incredible gaming experience.

Metroid Other M

I loved the last 3 Metroid games, so I'm sort of un-enthused about the new direction the series is taking under Team Ninja's care. Nothing looks bad in it, but it just feels like the atmospheric gameplay is being replaced by non-stop action. Maybe I'm wrong, but it just appears to be more story-centric, with a little less of the exploration Metroid is known for. I could be totally wrong, though. What I miss the most, though, is the 1st person perspective. It just seemed to work so well, actually putting you in Samus' shoes.

Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions

I loved the sandbox Spider-Man video games offered this past decade, but have been sorely disappointed with recent offerings like Web of Shadows. (They got Peter Parker's voice so wrong in that game. How do you screw up one of the most average voices in media?) They have impressive looking graphics, but the last game I really enjoyed was Spider-Man 3. It just seems like they are getting far too complicated with fighting mechanics. I'm seeing the exact same thing with their new offering, Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions. I'm impressed that they choose to diversify Spider-Man with different styles he's had over the years (2099, Noir, ect). The art style simply looks great - but the gameplay looks like it sucks. It seems horribly repetitive, with a bigger focus on big boss battles instead of letting the gamer just have fun being Spider-Man. This just looks like another Spider-Man game I'm going to ignore.

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