Wednesday, July 28, 2010

DCU Online Trailer

DC put out a 6-minute extravaganza of a trailer for their upcoming DCU Online MMORPG. You spend half the video wondering what the heck is going on, as you're seeing radically different versions of our favorite heroes. It all culminates with Lex Luthor finally killing Superman. BUT - Brainiac decided to take advantage and takes over the planet. So Lex time travels to the present, to warn the Justice League of the impending apocalypse. (It seems a tad familiar to the recent Justice League Crisis of Two Earths, where a similarly alternate-Lex Luthor comes to warn the JLA of danger)

I'm still not a fan of MMORPGs - and not even the pure awesomeness of this video, and the possibilities of this video game, are going to change that. There's also the question of weather this awesome video really reflects what's actually going to be in the game. Anyway - here's the video. At the very least it's an extremely entertaining 6 minutes.

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