Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dragon Quest Connect and Play Event

I went down into the city to the Gamestop store hosting the Connect and Play event. It turned out pretty good. I feared it would just be me and the Dragon Quest representative, but there where several fans who showed up - both men and women - to connect and collect maps. My system connected with over 13 people, and I got some good maps. We had a few miscommunications, where I thought I had missed out on this one guy's rare Metal Slime map. Turns out his name was spelled differently than it was pronounced, so I already had his map without knowing. Everyone got a free poster and stickers - and the people who got there the earliest received a Dragon Quest T-Shirt as well. (I wasn't one of those people) It was very odd, walking into a whole group of people who where like-wise all staring down at their Nintendo DS screens. But we did talk a little, especially over the perceived frustration when I thought my system wasn't connecting. It wasn't a huge social thing - but it was cool to see that there are other gamers who like-wise enjoy Dragon Quest. Oh - and I got many comments for having an original Nintendo DS. One guy stopped, turned to me, and remarked "I haven't seen one of those in a LONG time". Hee, I just never felt the need to upgrade.

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