Friday, July 16, 2010

Dragon Quest IX Tag Mode

I've been playing a lot of Dragon Quest 9 lately. This type of game simply eats away at your time, but it's so much fun you give it more anyway.

I wish I could make use of the "Tag Mode" Dragon Quest 9 offers. It's a thing where your copy of Dragon Quest can continually scan the area, and connect to other people who are doing the same, and information is automatically swapped, and you can get new dungeons downloaded for you to explore. This feature is a lot more useful in Japan, with a denser population; plus it's easier because everyone loves Dragon Quest over there. (It's a passion in that country) Here in the states, you'd have to set up plans, or something or another, to be able to connect with other DQ gamers.

I tried it out, on my way to an appointment in the city. It didn't connect with anything, though I really didn't think it would to begin with. I just had to try.

UPDATE: Good news. It seems certain Gamestop stores are going to have a free Map giveaway on July 31st. Make sure to call your local gamestop to make sure they are doing it or not. Here's where I found the announcement: Dragon Quest Connect and Play

Update to the Update: I went down into the city to the Gamestop store hosting the Connect and Play event. It turned out pretty good. I feared it would just be me and the Dragon Quest representative, but there where several fans who showed up - both men and women - to connect and collect maps. My system connected with over 13 people, and I got some good maps. We had a few miscommunications, where I thought I had missed out on this one guy's rare Metal Slime map. Turns out his name was spelled differently than it was pronounced, so I already had his map without knowing. Everyone got a free poster and stickers - and the people who got there the earliest received a Dragon Quest T-Shirt as well. (I wasn't one of those people) It was very odd, walking into a whole group of people who where like-wise all staring down at their Nintendo DS screens. But we did talk a little, especially over the perceived frustration when I thought my system wasn't connecting. It wasn't a huge social thing - but it was cool to see that there are other gamers who like-wise enjoy Dragon Quest. Oh - and I got many comments for having an original Nintendo DS. One guy stopped, turned to me, and remarked "I haven't seen one of those in a LONG time". Hee, I just never felt the need to upgrade.

Yet Another Update: Guess what? There is another Dragon Quest Tag Mode event coming up this weekend. It's at Best Buy - on Saturday August 7th. You can find out more about it here: Best Buy Dragon Quest Connect and Play.

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